Graphic Novel Toolkit

The Graphic Novel Toolkit plugin is designed to allow the user to create a rich and varied spectrum of “looks” consistent with the Graphic Novel universe.

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The image styles in graphic novels are as varied as the stories they contain. You may find several different looks in panels on the same page. When I wrote Graphic Novel Toolkit the goal was threefold:
  • Make it flexible.
  • Make it easy to use.
  • Make it fast...
Toward those goals:
  • With these controls: Amount, Grit, Ink Color, Density, Intensity and Blend Mode, the looks you can build are limitless.
  • I have included 15 presets: Warm, Cool, Matrix, Gritty Matrix, Matrix II, Warm Contrast, Newsprint, Blueprint, Redprint, Colored Pencils, Rich Warm, Rich Cool, Red Alert, Blue Deep, and Deep Grit, you can get a spectrum of looks with a single click.
  • The image processing in this plugins was designed to be as streamlined as I know how to make it - this means no outlines or distortions - but you're not sacrificing much - with the power provided, you can get a reasonable RT frame rate on a basic Mac Pro Quad with HD material. This should let you play to your hearts content before having to render...

    When I first came up with this plugin, I showed it to a friend and he asked what practical use it had and after thinking about it, I honestly don't know. I just thought it was cool. So - try out the demo - see if you think it's cool too....

    Clicking on the thumbnail above will open a larger example image. Clicking on the example image will step you thru example preset settings.
    You can take a look at the instructions in a separate window.

    The filter can be found under the Effects/Video Filters/Sheffield Softworks/ menu.

Many thanks to my friends at TikiBar TV for the test image...