Look Sweet I

The Look Sweet group of plugins is designed to sweeten the look of your mundane, troubled, or ordinary footage. It consists of three plugins: Mr. Fixit, Vibrance+, and Glamour.

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Mr. Fixit is the ultimate footage rescue system. What Mr. Fixit does, using some HDR photography techniques, is build the brightest possible shadows and the darkest possible highlights and allow you to mix them back into the original image without affecting the color.

Vibrance+ gives you fine control over saturation and desaturation of your clips - it increases chroma more in the lower saturation areas, so you get a more vibrant image. You can also drag the slider negative to decrease the chroma in higher saturation areas more than lower ones. The "plus" modes are Pastel, which lightens the high chroma areas and makes them pale. And Enhance, which slightly brightens higher chroma areas so can give people an "inner glow".

Glamour gives your footage the final polish. One user described it as sprinkling gold dust on everything. It's a combination of sharpening highlights and softening shadows. It can really bring dull DV footage to life.

    These three plugins, used separately, or synergistically in combination can take your ordinary footage to the next level and beyond.

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    The filter can be found under the Effects/Video Filters/Sheffield Softworks/ menu.